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So you are thinking of learning to dance.  BUT... how do you pick an instructor or school?

Our instructors are specially trained and can quickly get you dancing.  They can make you a comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer.  The choice is yours and we'll help you achieve it.  Each lesson is taught step-by-step at your own pace.

At Spokane Dance Company, we assume that every student has different likes, dislikes, goals, fears, schedules and abilities.  Unlike most dance schools, we don't make you "fit" into our program.  We create a completely different dance program for each student.  When you first come to Spokane Dance Company, you will be assigned to a "specialist" who is trained to help you create a training plan that will meet your needs, within your time constraints, and as inexpensive as possible.

Once we have created a training plan with you, our highly trained dance instructors take over and begin to impliment the plan.  Easy at first, then increasingly more intricate as your dance ability allows for more difficult material.  Our instructors will teach you more than just dance steps.  Our dance lessons will  help you acquire the skills needed to get you dancing as soon as possible.  

Spokane Dance Company offers a fresh approach to dancing, that simplifies the learning process and keeps a student from being confused and/or frustrated.  Get ready to enjoy a level of social fun that you have only seen in the movies.

Most of all though, get ready to be a part of the nicest group of people in Spokane!

Dont miss out on any more social dance opportunities!  Start dancing today by calling our studio (509) 328-4717 or email us dance@spokanedance.com  to schedule your first class. 

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