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Join us every Friday evening for the best in Ballroom Dancing.  You will enjoy our nightclub atmosphere coupled with the correct music for each dance and students who follow dance floor etiquette!


You will be joined by dancers from their early 20s to their 80s and everyone likes to dance with everyone.  So if you don't have a partner, come and dance anyway.


The dancing begins at 8:40pm and continues till midnight.



2010 Winter Blast Cruise

December 14, - December 22,  2010


Ports of Call Include:
Cabo San Lucas
Puerto Vallarta

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  • Dancing is a social grace. It is an entertainment and a pastime.  It is a sport and exercise.  Above all it is FUN!
  • Dancing is for all ages.  While it is a game for children, for their parents, dancing was and remains, a means to meet socially and court for life.  For the middle aged, dancing is a form of exercise and a way of keeping trim.  For the elderly, dancing fosters memories of youth.  There is no time for retirement.
  • Dances such as Waltz and Foxtrot are relaxing and romantic.  Swing, Cha Cha, Salsa and Samba are lively and pulsating.  Rumba and Nightclub 2 Step get you close to your partner while still dancing instead of just rocking back and forth.
  • Dancing is an entertainment.  Millions go to dancing classes.  Millions go to dance clubs and millions watch both amateur and professional dance competitions.  At schools and universities dancing clubs are social focal points for both pleasure and competition.  Ballroom dancing will soon be an Olympic Sport.
  • Learning is fun.  Don't be bashful or shy.  Move, laugh and smile even if you make mistakes.  You will gain confidence and with confidence comes bravado.  With bravado you will gain style and elegance that others will envy.
  • Spokane Dance Company guides you easily from your first steps in dance, to feeling competent on any dance floor.  We can help you learn all the most popular dances at social functions.  You will be able to dance at formal balls, social gatherings, nightclubs or anywhere else that you want to take the dance floor without embarrassment.

We are here to INSPIRE and TEACH you.


Recent comments on our instruction:

     "I  happily noted how many guests commented on the skill and expertise of the dance instruction graciously provided by Glenn & Patty of the Spokane Dance Company.  Their grace and ability to help everyone feel comfortable and at ease onthe dance floor never ceases to amaze me.

     I was told by many people how much they enjoyed the dance instruction. Many people mentioned that they were, at first, fearful of trying to swing dance, but after Glenn and Patty's instruction, not only enjoyed it, but felt quite confident!

     Many commented about how easily they were able to understand the dance moves after only one lesson, and I was amazed at how quickly everyone caught on the dance instructiion.

     Guests told me that they  had forgotten how fun it is to dance!  This is truly a testament to the ability of these two fine instructors.  These two are both such talented instructors with such a relaxed

and fun style!"

-  Cindy Plowman -

Masterclass Jazz Orchestra

Can You Really Teach Yourself Ballroom Dancing?

Hmmmm...Teach yourself ballroom dancing?

Sounds simple enough, right?

These days you can learn almost anything from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer, internet connection, a few dvds, and you are all set!

Online learning and instructional dvds have become commonplace. Teachers now have a whole new venue, offering their services online from their home offices!

Ballroom dancing is no different. It's easy enough to find a ballroom dancing dvd with step by step instructions. Identifying a good one before you buy it can be challenging, but that's another story!

But consider this before you make the commitment to teach youself ballroom dancing.

check mark    Lack of Structure...
Without structure, some people fall into the procrastination trap, postponing tasks or events for a more convenient time. As we all well know, quite often that time just never arrives!

check mark    Isolation...
A live group lesson provides encouragement and comraderie among peers, which simply cannot be duplicated when you opt to teach yourself ballroom dancing.  When you choose to learn how to dance at home, you miss all the feedback about how you are progressing! Questions may go unanswered! The social aspects of learning how to ballroom dance are totally lost!

check mark    Lack of Professional Advice

Nothing can replace the value of good professional advice when needed. Even the best dvds and online ballroom dance lessons leave students with questions and uncertainties.  In fact, dance evolves all the time.  By the time an instructional dvd is creaated, not only does it contain mistakes, it is out of date.  A professional dance teacher can answer your questions and easily anticipate potential problems, often diverting them before they have even surfaced!

Dont waste money on dance training that is not qualified.  Many students start with unprofessional training and think they are saving money.  But when they have to break the bad habits,, the training takes twice as long and time is money.  Make your dancing funds count.. not discount!


Why Do People Dance?

Discover The Hidden Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing

Why do people dance?...Important question!


Ballroom Dancing is a lot of fun, and people of all ages and abilities are discovering the hidden benefits that learning to dance has to offer!

Just Imagine.....

  • Meeting new people.
  • Improving your relationship.
  • Raising your self esteem and confidence.
  • Improving your health.
  • Decreasing your level of stress.
  • Improving your communication skills.
  • Sharpening your memory skills.
  • Increasing your coordination and balance.

Now.... Imagine Having Fun On The Dance Floor While You Do It!......

Our dance teachers pose the question, "Why do you want to  dance?", to new students, encouraging them to think about what they want to get from their lessons.

Once defined, our teachers can better help students to attain their goals.

Take some time and think about this... What do you really want to get from your lessons..Hmm.....

Okay, okay! We'll give you a few hints! Here are a some answers from our students.

Quality Time With Partner

Today, more than ever, life is busy! Spending quality time with your partner is often lost in the sea of life's details. Many couples choose to learn ballroom dancing because it is an activity that they can enjoy together on a regular basis. Some even make it their special "date night", with dinner and dancing.

Socializing And Fun

For many, learning how to ballroom dance is their ticket to socializing, meeting new people, listening to great music, and just having fun! This is true for people of all ages and abilities. Did you know that dancing and having fun can actually improve your health!

Dance For Fitness

With the number of people striving for weight loss and improved fitness these days, ballroom dance exercise programs have become very popular, providing great low impact aerobic exercise that is fun too! Do as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Also a good follow up from a cardiac fitness program (with permission from your doctor of course!).

The Best Wedding Dance

Planning the best wedding dance, sometimes entails asking the whole wedding party to learn ballroom dances! The image of a happy wedding couple floating effortlessly across the dance floor for their first dance, followed by their attendants, is truly enchanting isn't it?

So why do people dance?....There now, you have a few ideas! I'm sure you can think of some more on your own.

By the way, registered students, get our weekly newsletter which includes dance tips and schedule updates! Join our learn-to-dance community by creating a dance profile here:

And remember....the hidden benefits of ballroom dancing will always be your gift for learning to dance, regardless of your dancing aspirations!


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