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Social Dance Classes - Fall 2007

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Orientation:   Orientation will be held at Gonzaga on Wednesday at 4pm and Thursday at 7pm the first week of classes.   All students must attend one of these orientations.  Forms will be handed out to you at that time.  A full explanation of the program will be presented during the orientation and any questions will be answered by a member of the mangagement team from Spokane Dance Company.  Contact Kristen Kavon  kavonk@gonzaga.edu  for the location of the orientation on the GU campus.

Forms:  There are three (3) forms that must be filled out prior to attending your first class. 1)  Spokane Dance Company’s Registration form;  2) Gonzaga Liability waiver;  3)  Spokane Dance Company Liability waiver.  All three forms should be submitted to Spokane Dance Company by Friday night (12am) the first week of classes.

Class Selection:  Gonzaga requires 2 hours of class per week in order to receive 1 PE credit.   Classes begin with jumpstart on Sept 8th or Sept 10th.  The first actual dance classes will be on September 12th or 13th.  Classes are offered on  Wednesday and Thursday nights at 6:40pm - 8:40pm.   These classes are two hours in length and meet once each week.  Students can choose between Ballroom (Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese waltz) on Wednesday night, or Rhythm (Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Merengue, Salsa, and Swing) on Thursday night.  The classes will be limited to keep the students balanced in the two classes.  You may reserve a certain class by emailing us at: glenn@spokanedance.com and reserving your place in either class. These classes are open on a first come, first serve basis.

Introductory Class: Every student (regardless of skill level) is required to attend at least one “Jumpstart Session” on the first Monday night (6:00—8:00)  or the first Saturday (2:00pm - 4:00pm) after the semester begins and before taking any other class.  This is an “introduction to dance” class which will accelerate your dance training.  Without this class you will quickly fall behind the rest of the students. 

Studio Location:  Classes will be offered at  Spokane Dance Company  902 West Indiana. 


Grading Policy:


1)  A student must attend 2 hours of dance class per week for a 1 credit class.  Absences will lower your grade.  You are allowed only ONE absence before your grade may be effected.  If you have two absences or more absences you may request permission to make up classes.  However, there are only a few makeup positions available each week. The only exception will be if you are excused for a Gonzaga Event and written proof is provided to Spokane Dance Company.  If you are more than 10 minutes late you are considered absent.  Please be on time.

2) Your attitude is reflected in your ability to assimilate the material presented.  When you enter the dance class music will be played for warm up.  Students are expected to be on the dance floor warming up as soon as the music begins.   Students who do not get on the floor immediately are deemed to be exhibiting a “non participating” attitude and your grade will be adjusted accordingly.

3) Practice is expected as a form of homework.  Students should dedicate two hours of dance practice for every hour in class.  Instructors can tell when you return to class if you have NOT practiced.  It is very obvious as class progresses.  Failure to practice will be reflected in your grade.

Final Exam  

Learning aids: 


Code of Conduct:


Spokane Dance Company Dress and Grooming Standards - Acceptable Studio Attire


1. Appropriate classroom attire for women:

· Shoulderless attire and halter-tops are not appropriate for social dance class. Straps over the shoulders are required.

·  Bras, or built-in support, must be worn underneath for modesty and to give appropriate support when needed.

 · Sheer or "see-through" fabric is not appropriate unless it is over approved attire.

   Dress slacks or a skirt with a blouse are required.

   Dress shoes or dance shoes are required.  Tennis shoes or athletic shoes are not permitted on the dance floors.

   Jeans, shorts, t-shirts with offensive sayings and tube tops are prohibited at all times in the studio.


2. Appropriate classroom attire for men:

· Shirts must be worn at all times.

· Sheer or "see-through" fabric is not appropriate unless it is over approved attire.

· Dress slacks and a collared shirt or a plain t-shirt are required.

· Dress shoes or dance shoes are required.  Tennis shoes or athletic shoes are not permitted on the dance floors .

· Jeans, shorts, and t-shirts with offensive sayings are prohibited at all times in the studio.


Always remember: 


Teaching Assistants  (TA)



Classes Begin  Fall 2007  - Remember, “Jumpstart” class (Monday night (September 10th) or Saturday  (September 8th) is required before attending any other class.   Forms must be turned in to Spokane Dance Company BEFORE class begins.

Social Dancing FAQ

Who can come to the social classes? Is it just for Gonzaga students?

All classes and studio events are open to everyone, and a good portion of the dancers in some of our classes are not affiliated with Gonzaga.

I have friends who can't afford the classes, but they want to learn to dance. What can they do?

We suggest our “Social Club” program which gives a student “unlimited classes” for a very affordable fee.  See our General Manager for details. If they absolutely cannot afford any fees, Class fees usually can be waived in return for a few hours of volunteering for the club, such as helping at the door, helping with janitorial and men walking women to their cars. This is done on a “first come—first served basis. Contact the General Manager for details.

Do I need a partner to take ballroom dance classes?

No, not at all. We rotate partners several times in every class so you'll be dancing with many different people.

If I have someone I want to dance with, do I have to rotate partners?

The answer is simply -YES, because you'll learn leading and following skills much faster if you dance with lots of different people. (Then when you go back to your original partner at the end of class, you'll have a much better time dancing with each other, because you'll both be better dancers for having danced with other people).

Do I need any experience dancing to come to a social class?

None at all! Take our “jumpstart” class on Monday and you will be ready to take any class starting the next day. Our social classes are meant for everyone, and don't presume any dancing experience.

Do I need special shoes?

There's no need to wear ballroom shoes for social classes, though if you have a pair, it makes dancing much easier. See our General Manager if you would like to order a pair of ballroom shoes.  He can make some recommendations and can get you a fairly good discount on shoes.. 

What is practice session dancing?

Practice sessions are a chance to practice the moves you learn in ballroom classes - it's a social hour where you can dance as you choose. During general dancing, we put on a variety of ballroom songs.  Practice sessions are held every Friday, and Saturday nights.   Practice sessions are open to everyone.

How do I get to the "Indiana St. Studio" from Gonzaga?

Leave the campus and head north on Ruby Street.  Turn left on Indiana St.  Go west 9 blocks.  The studio is on the right side of Indiana - one block before Monroe Street.

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